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Twin Cities Onsite Snow Melting

The cost of hauling large amounts of snow can add up quickly. That’s why Twin City Outdoor Services is leading the way with clean, cost-effective snow melting technology. Our Snow Dragon® SND900 & SND1800 are high-capacity, efficient, mobile snow-melting machines, designed for retail and commercial parking lot applications.

Due to development and environmental concerns, snow storage sites have become fewer & farther away. On-site snow melting not only eliminates the need for snow storage land, it eliminates the need for large trucking projects, saving you money – Often 25-35% vs. trucking!

Why move snow when you can melt it?

  • More cost-effective than trucking
  • Replaces the need for truck convoys on your site
  • Quiet operation* means snow melting can occur anywhere – even during the business day
  • Reduces wear and tear of your asphalt surfaces
    *Operates at only 61.5 decibels (db) at 3 ft and 57 db at 20 ft. For comparison, a gas mower operates at 90 db and a vacuum at 80 db.

Watch our snow melters in action.

If you are currently paying to haul snow off site, request a Snow Melting Bid. We will provide you with a detailed comparison so you can make an informed decision.


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