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Don’t skimp on a good spring cleaning!

Properly installed and maintained concrete could last 30 years. With the harsh Minnesota winters, and all the salts, it won’t…unless you attack and flush the chlorides from your facility.

Even during a wimpy winter, your facility was de-iced 50+ times. Most of that salt is still in your concrete, in your hardscapes and in your surrounding soil.

The faster you remove the salt, the longer your concrete and hard surfaces will last.

Statistics have indicated that over 40% of failure of structures is due to corrosion of reinforcement.


We don’t have your typical run-of-the-mill concrete cleaning and sealing program at TCOS.

  • cleaning and sealing concrete at Calhoun Square in Minneapolis with hot water and big compressorEnvironmentally Friendly Cleaners
    We utilize environmentally friendly cleaners to clean and open pores of the concrete. Our special cleaners allow the sealer to penetrate deeper into the concrete than many of the other products being used on the market, and they will not harm grass, shrubs or trees.
  • BIG compressor = the correct flow and pressure
    Hosing with water is good…BUT only if the proper pressure and flow is used. Meaning you need a serious commercial pressure washer. Without the right steps; you are washing money down the drain.
  • Hot Water

    What gets dishes cleaner, hot water or cold? The same can be said of cleaning your concrete surfaces. We use hot water pressure washers versus cold water. This method loosens the dirt better and results in a superior cleaning process.
  • Gypsum Applications
    When concrete surfaces are flushed, salt is pushed into your green areas. Affecting the health of your soil and landscape. Which is why we treat the permeable areas with gypsum before we start flushing.

Cleaning and sealing your concrete on an bi-annual basis has been shown to increase concrete life by 50%!

Take your Property from Emergency Room to Preventative Maintenance Approach

We make serious efforts to keep excess chlorides off your surfaces during the winter. Yet, there will always be the salt you can see the the chlorides you can’t. Our responsibility is to help you prolong the life of your hard surfaces and the health of your landscape. These steps will take your property from an Emergency Room status to a Preventative Maintenance approach. So instead of spending 100% of your budget each season fixing serious issues, you are spending 70% of your budget on maintenance.

Contact TCOS today for a cleaning & sealing bid for your concrete surfaces. 

Resources Maintenance Don’t skimp on a good spring cleaning!

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