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Managing Liability, Helping to Ensure Safety. The proper use of de-icing chemicals ensures both a SAFE and CLEAN environment. At Twin City Outdoor Services, we take a pro-active approach to de-icing and salting parking lots and sidewalks, preventing those hazardous slips and falls before they happen. We have become the market leaders in liquid de-icing technology. Our “Clean Campus Approach” is based on using treated sodium on parking lots and liquid de-icer on sidewalks.

The TCOS approach to Treating Sidewalks

Our primary tool is a proprietary liquid Magnesium Chloride, which has many advantages:

  • Less tracking of product for lowered indoor extraction costs
  • Chemicals are evenly applied via our custom-built de-icing machines
  • Less corrosion on surfaces and vegetation
  • The ability to pre-treat sidewalks before ice storms on high-traffic sites
  • We begin the winter season with 25,000 gallons of liquid de-icer on hand

The TCOS approach to Treating Parking Lots and Roadways

  • We use only 100% treated sodium—no sand – on all driving surfaces
  • We pre-treat all surfaces before potentially severe weather strikes
  • We have 20 salt storage sites to ensure prompt service
  • We set aside 15,000 tons of treated sodium to be utilized each winter

At TCOS, we provide commercial and retail de-icing services to our customers all over the Twin Cities, including Minneapolis, St. Paul and all of the suburbs. From salting parking lots to liquid de-icers on walkways, we help to ensure the safety of your facilities. Ensure that your parking lots and sidewalks are safe from ice and hazards this winter. Contact us today to request a free bid.

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