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Exterior Wall, Façade & Sign Repair

Is the stone or stucco on your building damaged or deteriorating?

Did you update or replace a monument or marque sign and now are left with unsightly holes?

These are not only cosmetic concerns, but left unresolved they can lead to expensive structural problems and repairs.

Part of our free onsite assessment includes checking for cracks, failed joint sealants, and  possible water penetration issues, and helping correct them BEFORE they become a structural issue and costly repair.

Restoring your stone, stucco or exterior façade will not only bring it back to it’s original look, it will provide you with a durable, and long lasting solution ensuring your building will look great for years to come. SAVE up to 70% with surface restoration rather than a full replacement! Using a full depth repair, we then skim the entire surface to provide a uniform finish.

Repair of where old marque or monument signs once resided isn’t just for cosmetics, though your tenants will thank you! Proper repair is essential to ensure water infiltration doesn’t become a serious issue. We don’t just caulk the holes – we repair them. Say goodbye to ugly painted over patches. We match your original color so your storefront looks new again, and work closely with your sign company to coordinate around tight timelines.

Our Surface Restoration procedures offer less disruption and a dramatic reduction in construction noise. Projects are completed in 1/2 of the time and backed by a guarantee!

  • Save money vs. replacement
  • Less intrusive construction process – your store doors stay open
  • Durable and long lasting solution
  • Revive the original appearance of your building’s exterior
  • Original color matching to make the store front look new again
  • We work closely with your sign company to coordinate tight timelines

You can learn more about why staying on top of sign repair and exterior surface restoration is so important by clicking here.

Or, you can simply save yourself the headache of costly repairs down the road by restoring your stone, stucco, and exterior walls. Request a quote today!


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