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Can Your Concrete Last 30 Years And Still Look Good?

Properly installed and maintained concrete could last 30 years!

Part of our free onsite assessment includes checking for possible water penetration issues, and helping correct them BEFORE they become a costly repair.

Concrete cleaning and sealing will stop your facility from deteriorating while keeping it looking new. This service can be performed on any type of flat or vertical work such as; concrete flatwork, concrete block, masonry brick, stucco & natural stone facades.

Proper caulking of your hard and concrete surfaces is not just for aesthetics. It is a necessary component for longevity of the surface, safety and durability. An investment in preventing against water penetration up front will save you valuable dollars in the future!


concrete cleaning STEP 1: CLEANING
Standard maintenance is to clean and flush off the chlorides to stop further deterioration. This is a good first step.

concrete sealing, surface sealingSTEP 2: SEALING
To prevent chlorides and water from penetrating your concrete, we apply a proprietary blended sealer. This deep penetrating sealer doesn’t leave a film on the surface, so sidewalks aren’t slippery and the sealer won’t peel.

caulking of concreteSTEP 3: CAULKING
The final step is to apply caulking, stopping chlorides and moisture from finding their way into cracks and gaps, adding years to the life of your concrete surfaces.

This is what makes your main entrance last for 30 years. 

In addition, we don’t have your typical run-of-the-mill concrete cleaning and sealing program at TCOS. We use:

  • Environmentally friendly cleaners
  • An industrial pressure washer – which means the correct flow and pressure
  • Hot water for a more thorough cleaning
  • Protection of all surrounding areas

You can learn more about what makes our concrete cleaning & sealing services different by clicking here.

Or, you can simply save yourself the headache of costly repairs down the road by investing in concrete cleaning, sealing, and caulking services. Request a quote today!

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