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Twin Cities Sidewalk Restoration

Most facilities have typical grey concrete as their main sidewalk material. Unfortunately, the concrete used today is not as sound as the concrete of the past. Deteriorated sidewalks are everywhere – and expensive to replace.

What once needed to be replaced can now be restored at a fraction of the cost.

TCOS has worked with university scientists to develop new repair methods and synthetic polymer products. The result is a structurally sound, chemically resistant, and longer lasting surface.

TCOS has the alternative to concrete replacement!

  • Save significant money versus replacement
  • Durable ADA compliant solution
  • Uniform appearance with customizable colors
  • Lengthen the life of your concrete surfaces
  • No entrance closures, non-intrusive and minimally disruptive

detailed before and after of cracked sidewalk repair before and after repair on the sidewalk repair before and after sidewalk repari before and after sidewalk repair

before and after repair on concrete steps

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