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You can’t be who we are today without having good stories.

1996 – 2000

Founded in 1996, we quickly established a solid presence in landscape and commercial snow management. In 2000, TCOS made the decision to operate exclusively in the snow management (“snow only”) industry.

Experience taught us that winter services were unpredictable. Thus requiring a higher level of organization vs. the traditional method of summer landscaping with snow removal as a secondary.

The market was plentiful in companies willing to focus on the “guaranteed” revenue of lawn services. We realized the market was void of a company willing to commit 100% to the snow services industry.

There was a tremendous amount of new development in the corporate and retail sectors during this time. Coinciding with an increased market demand for service and liability concerns.

We differentiated ourselves by taking a professional and consultative approach – how does a large property build an educated SOW and budget for a Minnesota winter. This approach is the core of how we grew to be the largest snow management company in Minnesota.

We have grown each year, and while our business model has evolved, we have stayed diligent to our niche; high-traffic, high-expectation properties and retail developments.

Our story continues…

The story of course doesn’t stop in 2000. Our quest for innovation and continual growth has produced numerous milestones.

  • 2001 – TCOS was the first private company in Minnesota to bring liquid de-icing to commercial customers.
  • 2002 – Our moment to get TCOS on the map.  Prior to this, we were ten guys with some trucks. TCOS partnered with Best Buy to manage their new world headquarters when they consolidated 5 sites into one state-of-the-art campus. We took a risk, Best Buy took a risk, and it is arguably one of our most notable years in history as we continue to work with them today.
  • 2003 – TCOS partnered with the first three major lifestyle developments in the Twin Cities to consult on construction strategies that allowed for cost effective snow management.
  • 2004 – Due to the large size of our fleet, TCOS was awarded Dealership Status with the two largest snow equipment manufacturers.
  • 2006 – We moved into a new 37,000 square foot facility in Plymouth, MN.
  • 2006 – To create transparency and invoicing accuracy for our customers, we were the first snow management company to utilize GPS technology in all 400+ pieces of equipment. Moving us from paper timesheets to accurate invoicing based on real data.
  • 2007 – TCOS began our snow melting division; offering the two largest mobile snow melters in the Midwest. By the end of 2007 we became the largest, locally-based snow removal and management company in the Midwest.
  • 2008 – To better serve our customers, we introduced our own truck brokering division, and quickly became the largest truck provider for the top road construction and development companies in the Twin Cities.
  • 2009 – TCOS purchased a group of proprietary products allowing us to offer Surface Restoration Services to our customers.
  • 2010 – Saw the expansion to full Concrete Installation crews as a part of the TCOS team.
  • 2011- We made the investment to develop a custom integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, allowing us to integrate data from the field to provide custom invoices and reporting.
  • 2013 – Launched our propriety software assessment tool allowing our customers to manage their projects from anywhere.
  • 2021 Top Workplace Nominee

    2014 – Expanded the concrete division by purchasing our own high-capacity curb machine, which can output 2,000 lineal square feet of curbing per day, allowing us to fulfill on large scale projects.

  • 2015 – Purchased our current building, so that we can expand our 37,000 square foot facility into a 54,000 square foot facility, further expanding upon our snow, concrete, building restoration and truck brokering divisions.
  • 2018 – Saw the launch of our in-field mobile time card tracking for the most accurate reporting in snow removal time management. In addition, we  implemented a live GPS system to allow for real-time management of the fleet servicing our customers.
  • 2019 – Implemented the use of our own weather stations distributed throughout the Twin Cities Metro area, allowing us to capture our own data.  This translates to better and more accurate weather reporting for customer accounts.
  • 2020 – Saw the addition of our Landscape Services Division to provide year-round outdoor property services to our corporate and retail accounts.
  • 2021 – TCOS was honored and humbled to be recognized as a 2021 Top Workplace by Star Tribune. Because the recognition of being selected as a Top Workplace is based on a survey completed by employees, this award is extremely meaningful to the leadership at TCOS. We are proud of our company values and the way our employees embody them everyday. Read more about this honor here.


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