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Rapidly Rising Costs of Road Salt

If You Aren’t Already Thinking Ahead To The Impending Snow And Cold, You Should Be.

Why? Due to the rapidly rising costs of a much needed winter essential – road salt.

Due to the last two harsh winters, the price of road salt has increased by as much as 66% for snow removal companies, and is quickly turning into a hot commodity.

We aren’t the only ones sounding the alarm about skyrocketing prices. We were interviewed by KSTP’s Jessica Miles on this exact topic, which you can watch below.

So what does it mean for you?

  1. Your contractor might quite literally run out of salt this season.
  2. What happens when a vendor runs out of salt? They start making compromises. Why worry about whether you will have to choose between salting the side entry or main entry drive lanes?
  3. If you don’t plan accordingly…your winter snow removal budget could go up – seriously up. You need to be careful in choosing your snow removal vendor. Many contractors are still focused on their summer business, and might not be aware of the road salt shortage and increased prices. Many contractors will experience the pain in a few weeks, and it will unfortunately get passed on to their customers. Knowledge and timing are power on this one!

TCOS Is Serious About Our Commitment To Our Customers

Don’t worry, at TCOS we have your back. We have taken some unprecedented measures to make sure we have all of our customers covered no matter how severe a winter 2014/2015 brings.

  1. We have tons of salt inventory that we carried over from last year, and in addition have bought and paid for an additional 10,000 tons of salt this year. We have more than enough salt we expect to need for this winter.
  2. That’s more than $1 million dollars invested in salt prior to the season even beginning – what other company does that?
  3. We “own” our salt – so no one else, like the State, can come in and deplete or take from our stores this winter.
  4. Extra measures and precautions have been put in place to secure our salt storage facilities.
  5. These stepped up measures are in addition to our stepped up recruiting efforts due to the serious labor shortage we first informed you about in August. Read More about that here.

It may be that the record low inventory of salt won’t be an issue this year – but do you want to take that gamble? We don’t.

We have made a commitment to our customers and we intend to keep it. If you want peace of mind knowing that you have your piece of the salt pile give us a call at 763.235.2407 today!
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