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How To Prevent a Snow-Induced Headache!

Snow removal is a complex business. No really, we mean it when we say snow removal is complex, and even a minor storm can be a big deal and event for our retail and commercial customers.

  • No two storms are ever the same.
  • No two customers are ever the same.
  • No two seasons are the same.

The constraints on weather, material, and labor vary year to year.

Avoid the pitfalls of an inexperienced snow removal vendor

So what do you want in a snow removal company? You want a snow removal company that understands and addresses the complexities of the business. Many inexperienced snow removal companies often overlook the following factors:

  • Tight Labor Sourcing 
    There is a lot of press around the lack of skilled workers.  We currently face a shortage of labor across a variety of industries from nursing to construction to trucking.  Snow removal companies are no exception. You need the confidence to know that your snow removal vendor isn’t going to throw in the shovel and call it quits in the middle of the season because they don’t have the resources to keep going. We have been watching the impending labor shortage, and have some pretty extreme measures put in place to ensure that no matter the season, we stay well staffed, and ALL of our clients are taken care of on a top-priority basis. We have invested a lot into our staffing division, and unlike many of our competitors, actively recruit snow removal staff and crews year round.
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  • Understanding your inventory/materials
    A shortage of road salt in the 2012/2013 winter season result in rocketing prices in the cost of road salt for the 2013/2014 snow season. Why do you care? Hiring a snow removal vendor that doesn’t understand or plan for the variations in each season, can have a direct and negative impact on your business. In the case of skyrocketing salt prices, we saw other companies literally run out of salt, make compromises to the properties they services, and contracts exceed budgeted prices. At TCOS we stay ahead of the curve ball, and make sure we are prepared when it comes to inventory and materials, no matter what the season brings.
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  • Sourcing of the equipment
    Whether owned or contracted. You also need to know what to do with the equipment. You need it optimized. One of the ways you do that is with GPS. GPS allows you to know where your equipment is, and how it is being utilized. At TCOS, we utilize the latest in technology, which has a significant and direct impact on the customer’s bottom line. Every piece of equipment is outfitted with GPS technology, guaranteeing the ultimate in invoice accuracy, efficient reporting, and cost control.

Have Confidence In Your Snow Removal Vendor

Most often snow removal services are delivered in the middle of the night when the customer isn’t watching. You need to have the confidence that your snow removal vendor is doing the job correctly;  so that when morning comes,  whether it is high heels or steel toe boots walking across the parking lot, they won’t have snow on their shoes. You need to have confidence that you chose a company that cares, so that you don’t have to worry, and can avoid that snow-induced headache.



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