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Replace a building sign? What you need to know about repairing your facade.

EIFS sign repair - before shot of EIFS in need of repair after sign removal

During the removal of building signage

Signage is a mainstay for retail and commercial buildings. It provides branding, a first appearance and a general acknowledgment of having arrived at the right location. With it comes the changing of tenants, the acquisition of new buildings, and the updating of brands and logos.

Throughout the Twin Cities, along with the US, many of the commercial buildings have some type of stone or stucco finish. As companies rebrand, and others move location, the removal and installation of new signage takes place.  You might be saying big deal, right?

Façade and Sign Repair

Oftentimes when exterior signs are removed, the building façade is damaged. Not only does this leave the building with an aesthetic problem to fix, but if not repaired correctly can lead to some costly and serious structural issues as well. Damaged building exteriors left untreated can quickly lead to water

EIFS sign repair - after shot of EIFS repaired after sign removal

Restored exterior after the removal of building signage

infiltration problems and turn into expensive repairs.

So if you have recently changed out or need to change out those marque signs on your commercial building, partner with TCOS who specializes in exterior building restoration.  We don’t just caulk the holes – we repair them. And you will say goodbye to ugly painted over patches because we match your original color so your storefront looks new again, and work closely with your sign company to coordinate around tight timelines.

You can learn more about our monumental and marque sign repair services by clicking here.

Or, you can simply save yourself the headache of and have TCOS coordinate with your sign replacement company by requesting a quote today!

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